Digital Poverty Campaign Launches Today

Digital Poverty Campaign Launches Today

Posted 29th September 2020

The National House Project, Catch22 and other leading charities have joined to work on a campaign to Keep Care Leavers Connected. The campaign was started by us at Care Leavers National Movement- the young people’s voice in The National House Project.

There has been much work on the campaign, including sending an open letter to MPs Vicky Ford, Gavin Williamson and Nadhim Zahawi with over 30 signatories, starting a petition that will guarantee a debate in parliament with enough signatories and the creation of a video about digital poverty which was produced by care leavers.

Digital poverty is not just about teenagers and those Leaving Care getting free internet and devices, as many will think. We constantly use the internet for everything in this generation, and it’s only becoming more advanced and integral. Running a home, having a career, a social life and everything in between has become almost dependent on having this connection and various types of digital devices. That is the reason for the campaign - we want Care Leavers to have the same chances and success as those who were not in care.

Internet is not a luxury, its essential.

Make it a part of the standardised Care Leaver.

Make things fair and equal for all Young People.

We ask you all to sign the petition, and share with colleagues, friends and family, to help us keep your Care Leavers connected.

You can read the letter, watch the video and find out more at the campaign website hosted by Catch 22.

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