Our Digital Poverty Campaign...The update August 2020

Our Digital Poverty Campaign...The update August 2020

Posted 2nd August 2020

Following on from our last Digital Poverty Campaign update back in May we’ve reached some key milestones which we wanted to share with you.

Stage 1 of our Digital Poverty Campaign saw us ensure all care leavers in house projects across the country were digitally connected with smart phones and data packages. Naturally, some of our care leavers were already digitally connected and were paying for data packages to ensure this continued throughout lockdown. However, we felt to ensure fairness and equality for all our care leavers we needed to provide the same to everyone. We can therefore announce that on 23rd July all our care leavers paying to stay digitally connected throughout lockdown have been reimbursed £75 for 3 months digital connectivity. This completes stage 2 of our campaign.

All care leavers in House Projects across the country have received digital connectivity to the value of £75 each throughout the lockdown period.

Digital connectivity is an essential part of today’s society. Care leavers are being excluded from society because they haven’t got the means to be and, stay connected. The digital divide between care leavers and the rest of society has grown considerably throughout lockdown which exacerbates the need for government to address this issue at a national level.

Join us in stage 3 & 4 of our campaign to ensure digital connectivity is part of the government’s minimum offer to its care leavers. CLNM are planning to launch our Digital Poverty Campaign to a cross party group in September and we need your support to ensure it is heard loud and clear that


Show your support here: www.clnm.co.uk/challenges or get in touch clnm@thehouseproject.org.

This milestone has only been achieved through the kind donations from partners and dedicated core staff within the National House Project so we send out a huge thank you for allowing our Digital Poverty Campaign to succeed and grow.


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