About CLNM

The Care Leavers National Movement (CLNM) is a group of young people made up of care leavers from Local House Projects (LHPs) across England and Scotland. They use their skills and experience to be expert advisors and develop LHPs while also improving outcomes for all young people leaving care.

CLNM offer consultations to organisations who want to hear the voice of care leavers.

CLNM want to focus on positive achievements, raise expectations and inspire young people and support services to do their best for young people.

CLNM Vision

All young people to be supported to leave care well and have the skills, knowledge, and confidence to live connected and fulfilling lives.

CLNM's Mission

For young people and professionals to work together across the House Project community to improve leaving care services on a local and national level.

In order to do this, CLNM have four main objectives, these are;

  • Highlight success stories to inspire, inform and influence positive change.
  • Test new ideas designed with young people.
  • Raise challenges and apply changes to improve services for young people.
  • Regularly complete peer evaluations and implement their recommendations.

Quotes from CLNM reps about what CLNM means to them

CLNM means change to me, it's change for the future, fairness for all and community as we can interact with each other whenever we want.

Being part of CLNM means being part of a family.

Being a CLNM rep allows you to grow personally and professionally.

I wanted to join CLNM to prove to everyone that we are not a stereotype but so much better than that and to improve the lives of care leavers not just locally but nationally as well.

CLNM has grown over the past few years and they now have two regional groups and a national group to oversee their work. Each region is chaired by a young person and supported by Participation Workers from the National House Project (NHP). They meet regularly, plan their agenda carefully and work on specific topics that will have a beneficial impact on care leavers. CLNM is represented at NHP Board of Trustee meetings and they provide agenda items for discussion. CLNM organises and runs an event for all LHP young people on an annual basis.

Here's a link to the most recent Press Release about their conference.


What do I do?
Meet the team

Meet the CLNM reps and read more about why they wanted to get involved in improving outcomes for young people leaving care and developing the NHP framework.

What do I do?
Peer Evaluation

CLNM conduct a Peer Evaluation of LHPs every 2 years. The 2023 CLNM Peer Evaluation focused on Ownership, Home, and Sense of Wellbeing. The recommendations from the 2023 Peer Evaluation will be the focus of our work in 2024.

What do I do?

Did you know CLNM offers advice to organisations who want to hear the voice of care leavers? CLNM are supported by trained staff to take part in sessions.