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18th February 2022

Together we Create Community

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Care Leavers National Movement Conference press release - #CLNM2021

28th October 2021

Care Leavers National Movement hosts its annual conference, celebrating the achievements of care leavers and what community means to them.

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Looking back at our Residential

1st September 2021

An update on our time in the Lakes, don't forget to watch our amazing video to see some of the highlights.

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Featured Story

One of our Founders writes about what community means to him below:

The entire point of a community is helping each other, there’s no point of it if you don’t help each other. I would help my friends in House Project if they needed, and they would help me. Even if their House Project is far away, in another city, I would walk if I had to, I am there for them and they are there for me.

I would hope anybody that joins or participates in House Project in any way...

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