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Thank you for your commitment

22nd March 2021

The National House Project has awarded all our representatives will a Certificate of Appreciation. It's important for us to recognise the amount of commitment that goes into being a CLNM representative and the ambition from those involved to improve outcomes for care leavers. Byron is one of our representatives and here he is

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Keep Care Leavers Connected

18th March 2021

Islington House Project lead the way thanks to our Chair- Ibrahim Ali Hassan

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New representatives are currently joining Care Leavers National Movement

15th March 2021

Meet Kieran from Stoke House Project- One of our new CLNM reps.

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Thank you for your commitment

All our representatives are being thanked for their commitment to Care Leavers National Movement over the next few weeks. Here is Byron with his certificate of appreciation from The National House Project.

Byron has been a member of the Care Leavers National Movement from the start, we have seen him grow and help shape the Movement and The National House Project.

He has input on everything from education (one of his passions) to the charities next steps and the way that CLNM...

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