A message from Mark- National House Project CEO

A message from Mark- National House Project CEO

Posted 28th May 2021

As a charity, we continually strive to develop what we do and improve the experience of leaving care for young people. As professionals, we have views on how this can be done but we also recognise that the greatest insight on how to improve things comes from those that have experienced what we provide.

It was great therefore to meet CLNM members on the eve of their recent Peer evaluation training to discuss amongst other things, finance and fundraising. Not the most interesting of subjects for a Friday night but it turned out to be a great conversation with young people totally engaged. Their views on what we could use fundraising monies for demonstrated young people’s selfless commitment to making the system better for others.

There were lots of ideas on how they could be involved in fundraising and it did make me feel old when they had to explain what a sponsored silent disco was. The feedback from the session informed the Fundraising Strategy that is to be presented to the Board of Trustees next month.   

Two CLNM members attend the Board meeting and I meet monthly (via zoom) with the chair to talk through his role, understand what he has done and talk through how CLNM continues to be at the centre of what we do. It was great to catch up on the achievements with Madlug and Suited&Booted and the plans to get more business partners engaged. Watch this space.

 We interviewed for a new Practice lead last month and it is always a challenge to make sure that you get the right person. As well as a technical interview the applicants were interviewed by CLNM representatives who develop their questions to measure the values that drive people and their skills to get on with and understand young people. It was great to hear their feedback on the applicants which informed the decision-making process. The CLNM vice-chair was delighted to be able to ring the successful applicant and offer her the job…which she duly accepted.  

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