CLNM are expert advisers around their lived experience of the care system and offer the knowledge and insight they gain from this to inform service design and delivery. Their aspiration is to use their experience to improve services for other young people. 

CLNM offer a consultancy service that can be tailored to the requirements of the client. CLNM are supported by trained staff to take part in the consultation process.

It's a really valuable resource, having a group of care experienced experts to consult with, particularly when they are supported by trained staff. - Client

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Consultations relating to Completed Consultations

Action for Children

Organisation: Action for Children

Action for Children works to improve the lives of children and young people in the UK. In the Service Design Team at Action for Children we are delivering a project to explore care experienced young peoples' complex experiences of employability and employment, so we can co-design a digital pilot service that will address some of the issues young people raise. In-depth user research and human centred co-design are fundamental to our service design approach at Action for Children, and speaking to young people from Care Leavers National Movement has been a vital part in understanding how we can best provide impactful support around employability and employment. Working with CLNM means we have a high level of confidence that we are building something firmly rooted in the information, insights, and ideas of care experienced young people.

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Dez Holmes

Organisation: Dez Holmes

I am co-authoring a book about the concept of Transitional Safeguarding with two colleagues; we felt it was essential that the expertise of young people/young adults was foregrounded within the book. We wanted to co-write a chapter with young people, and were keen to ensure that we worked with an organisation who could ensure the young people in question were well-supported, and that the work was meaningful and ethical. Working with CLNM has been superb. Colleagues within the NHP were proactive in ensuring the work was well-planned; the young people themselves were fantastic – full of insights, enthusiastic, open and very articulate. Drawing on their wisdom has hugely enriched the book overall – and has reaffirmed our commitment to participative practice, and our sense that no issue is too conceptual or complex for young people to have important views about. It is about designing an inclusive process and making it as easy as possible for young people to share their expertise – both of which CLNM did brilliantly.

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Organisation: Centrepoint

Centrepoint provides homeless young people with accommodation, health support and life skills in order to get them back into education, training and employment. We also focus on areas of policy such as housing, family and health, and campaign to ensure homeless young people are getting the right support when it comes to their benefits, personal finance, education, skills and employment opportunities. If you would like to learn more about our policy and campaigning work.

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Fostering Digital Skills for Life

Organisation: Fostering Digital Skills for Life

The Fostering Network is working with Internet Matters and the University of East Anglia on a new project, Fostering Digital Skills for Life to create a new training course for foster carers. We were pleased to consult with the Care Leavers National Movement as part of our focus groups to co-create and refine the content, making sure that it best represents real-life experiences. Working with CLNM has helped bring the topics in the course to life and was an essential part of developing the project.

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